Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was supposed to attend a meeting tonight featuring all the candidates for the upcoming Israeli election. They were to speak in at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. I am sure they spoke quite well. In fact, I am certain they said everything that the right wing audience wanted to hear.

I just couldn't go. It doesn't matter so much what is said, politicians have a way of saying one thing and doing another. Anywhere. But it seems especially true here in Israel. I will vote. In fact I will devote some time and postings to the election in the sister blogsite, Today in Israel.

But today when I was out walking, I came face to face to something that is much more durable and trustworthy than any of our politicians.

It was a most remarkable sight - the almond tree (shaked) was in full bloom.

Of course, immediately comes to mind the verse from Jeremiah 1 (11-12). "The word of the Lord came to me: 'What do you see, Jeremiah?' I replied, ' I see an almond tree." The Lord said to me: you have seen right, for I am watchful to bring My word to pass." [...a pun using the word shaked which means 'almond tree' with shoked which means 'to watch"..and the context is that God is watching over Jerusalem and Judah and will bring His word to pass regarding them]

The blooming of the almond tree is always sudden and takes one by surprise. It is an awesome thing and brings hope knowing God will be true to His word over Jerusalem.

Yet, this year I had other thoughts as well. The winter this year has brought very little rain. Only when we began Operation Cast Lead did we have one week of steady soaking rain, and as soon as we began to contemplate the withdrawal, the rain stopped. It is the worst drought since the State was formed in 1948.

I thought "what chutzpah these almond trees have....don't they know there has been no water?" But I was SO proud of them!! In spite of the 'facts on the ground', they were holding to God's word and blooming away anyway. Pay no mind to what the meteorologists and prognosticators say, they trusted in the word of the Lord.

But, even more exciting, a couple of hours later, the skies were filled with the drama of thunder and lightning.... and rain.

That was all I needed. No matter the facts on the ground, Gods word will stand.

No chariots or horses, I'm voting for the almond trees!

(Psalm 20:8 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will make mention of the name of the Lord our God.)

Shavua tov (have a good week)

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