Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Normalcy and Jewish Wisdom

Normalcy is beginning to settle on the Land once again. The tension in the air has mostly changed into the everyday tension we always feel here....yet not completely.

There is a hesitancy, more a feeling of a lull, in which we can draw a deep breath, take a coffee, smile again, but with a knowing look that...this isn't over yet.

For one thing, elections are around the corner, and the applecart won't be upset again before that...even though Hamas has continued to fire rockets at us.

It's more than that however. This isn't about a territorial dispute and it's as ancient as we are.

The question always remains for me - is there an ending to the saga, or is it a never ending continuum? Are we a People with a history that unfolds into a promised future, or are we an eternal measuring stick for the world and we just go round and round again?

I don't have the answer to such deep mullings. I do know that this morning I have to try to figure out what the Iryia (City Hall) has done with my arnona (property tax) payment. Today, beyond that, my mind doesn't venture.

Perhaps there is some truth to the old Jewish adage: "They tried to kill us, we won, let's eat."

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