Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Boys are Home

Well, our boys are home...out of Gaza, and our feelings are mixed. We are elated to see them safe and healthy, (knowing of course there are still those recovering in the hospitals and homes across the country), and at the same time we all know this was a premature withdrawal, and that they will have to go back in at some not too distant future.

We didn't even know sometimes who was in Gaza until they returned. A dear friend turned up at my local coffee home (this coffee shop is not even my 2nd home, but my 1st home :) ) straight from the front, still in gear. I had no idea he had been called up and sent in. Unfortunately I just missed him, arriving at the shop right after he left, but you can be assured I will go see him as soon as possible.

Somehow, you just have to hug these guys ..then... kol beseder (everything is ok).

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