Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 Reasons why i live in Yerushalayim

10 of the million or two reasons why i live in Yerushalayim


1.I didn't have a refrigerator at least 20 people, even strangers, offered me help, and one of them found me one, bought and delivered it.
2. Some neighbors have a megaphone party in the middle of the night and no one complains.... since i wake up a lot during the night anyway, it's nice to hear the music.
3. We are having a butter shortage because of complications of the overly HOT summer and neither i nor the store workers knew about it when i inquired about the butter.
4. The waiter at the cafe i seldom visit, remembers me, where i sat and what i ordered a few weeks ago (just coffee and some cookies)
5. The same waiter absent-mindly takes the cos mayim (glass of water) i asked for to the table next to me, and then smiles sweetly as if i was his life long friend and he knows of course it is ok and he will bring me another one
6. The arab chef who is now my friend waves to me from the kitchen and sends out special treats for me when i go to that cafe.
7. The flower garden owner tells me i can take whatever flowers i need, he will deliver them and i can pay him whenever i have the money...
8. I recognize the autobus passengers as belonging to my neighborhood even though i don't know any of them and I feel comforted and at home
9. My neighbor, when i tell him i forgot to get my shabbat flowers and am running to get them, tells me that I am the flower.
10. I look around me and am surrounded by Israeli faces and sounds and smells and i know then that everything is ok