Friday, February 27, 2009

Election Weary, Rain Happy

We are a little election weary in our little country, but I'm not sure the present system is as terrible as is often bemoaned.

At any rate, the coalition discussions continue and will intensify this next week as Bibi turns to his natural partners for ongoing talks. We all desire that he will be able to create a strong and stable government. Except, of course, for Tzipi Livni. Today Livni rejected the idea of a unity government, saying that tomorrow she will begin working to bring down the Netanyahu government. Not a word about the seriousness of the hour and a willingness to compromise in a way to work together for our survival. All about Tzipi.

Again, I direct you to the parallel site, Today in Israel, where there is more detail on the coalition predicaments and discussions.

The rains continue this weekend, the cyclamen are still blooming, and B'H, it's Shabbat. We'll get through it all somehow. After taking a week off of posting, I should be up and running again next week.

In the meantime,

Shabbat Shalom

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