Thursday, February 19, 2009

Election Progress

I know, they drag out forever, these Israeli elections. If you are following the Today in Israel blog, and/or of course, the news! you know that today marked the parade of parties going to Beit HaNassi (the President's house) to give their recommendations for the person best suited to form the next government.

Bibi received the overwhelming mandate of 65 seats to Livni's 28, yet it's not over yet. Peres still has to formally request of Netanyahu to form the government, and since they are not the best of friends, who knows what might still happen. At this hour at least, Peres is insistent on asking BOTH Netanyahu and Livni tomorrow to Beit HaNassi to try to force them to work together in a unity government - even though Livni is firm (today at least) about sitting in opposition.

Then of course, there's the budget... We could know who will be prime minister by summer. It's enough to drive one to drink!! Yet, Israeli's are pretty patient about it all. After all, what can we do? Nothing. So...we shrug our shoulders and drink coffee and wait....and then, we drink some more coffee and wait some more.

It's Israel. (And I really love coffee.)

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