Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Motzei Shabbat

His name is M. and he is a young Israeli artist. As he sat in my living room describing his feelings about the art that he creates and why, I was touched by the earnestness of this young man. I was reminded of another young man, who after my home was robbed, and my life fell apart on several other fronts, took my hands in his, looked into my heart and tenderly said "God .....He test you" . And I remembered another whose tenderness and love for wheelchair bound individuals outshines anything I have seen. I thought of the young Israeli soldiers that I know and how many times I have witnessed their compassion towards those they protect and those they inspect.

It is one of the great strengths of Israel that her young men are tender. Someday this will be recognized by the rest of the world and they, the nations, will be "startled" at what they have missed. ...

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