Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I have reflected on the events of this past week, a couple of things stand out in my mind. The night of the terrible destruction at the Federman Farm, the media picked up and highlighted an anguished cry from a by-stander, who basically cursed the IDF. It has been the topic of discussion, anger and accusation by all levels of the government. Everyone has been focused on this unfortunate statement, and no one noticed that the government violently destroyed the homes of two Jewish families, without warning and without an iota of concern. I don't know if the by-stander was simply overcome with emotion as this heinous crime was being carried out, or if he was a planted provocateur. Either is a possibility.

But my thoughts were really turned to the IDF and their role in this....I wondered how and why they were involved at all.....and because I know these soldiers in Hebron, I was quite perplexed that they would be party to this terrible happening.

Midweek I found my answer....the young soldiers were lied to and tricked so that they would protect the destruction....they were told that a terrorist had been spotted and no one was allowed to enter the Farm....including journalists (who would of course report what was going on.) On Wednesday the Army admitted they had tricked the soldiers because they were asking them to do something immoral and illegal and they knew the soldiers may refuse the orders. Many of these soldiers were very dismayed and one young man in particular was devastated to learn he had been a part of such a travesty.

I go back to my earlier post, that our young men are tender. The Army knew they wouldn't violate their charge as soldiers to protect our citizens, so they were tricked into protecting the yassam police, who apparently have no conscience, while they (the yassamniks) did the evil deed.

In the end, the attempt to brainwash our young people and eradicate this gentle compassion will backfire on those who are so determined to do so. Our compassion is a part of who we are as a people, and though it has been misplaced by this generation of leaders, it is bright and shining in our young people .... and this gives me great hope for our future.

(See TodayinIsrael for more on this subject)

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