Friday, August 2, 2013


Every lifetime has its course defined either by the gods or by us.  We agree or we choose, perhaps a little of each.  Sometimes we may choose in spite of the wisdom of a Council which would advise us differently.

Still .. we come.  Still they allow it.  Maybe our connections are so deep we have no choice even when we think we chose. 

The link between lives is too strong to disregard, at the same time it is often too strong to bear. 


Entering Israel one sees that the sabra are beautiful and almost majestic, a mirror of the Land. It is said the fruit though prickly is sweet.  Perhaps….or perhaps that is a legend perpetuated by those who simply don’t know what lies inside.  If the truth were known, the fruit is sweet but filled with hard stony seeds - too hard to chew, requiring them to be spit out or swallowed and ignored.  The sweetness, elusive.

I wish I could tell you not to touch the sabra but you will, because your heart is pure and you love deeply.  You will, because it is your destiny.  You will, because in spite of the depth of the pain and enormous sadness, your love is unconditional.  I know. 

You will because, like me, you will remember lifetimes when the fruit of the sabra was fully sweet and you were filled with joy and laughter.