Friday, June 10, 2011

An Afternoon in the Judean Hills

Looking over the Judean Hills from HS Winery
Recently i spent some time in the Judean Hills with some friends, visiting Tavlin, an amazing spice store in the Eshtaol Forest (tavlin is the hebrew word for spice) and the Hans Sternbach winery in Givat Yishayahu, where we had a delicious lunch. I must say, i think i was too relaxed, too in awe of the beauty of the hills, too lost amongst the fragrances of the spices, and .. too much enjoying the wine and lunch to take good pictures for a story.

Which means of course that i have to take a second trip with pictures and story in mind.  Here are 2-3 photos to tease you.  In addition to the tavlin and the wines, we made a stop in Har Adar, where a craft and clothing fair was held in individual homes rather than under one common roof.  What an idea ! It was fun to drive through the lovely mountain town of Adar and enter various homes to enjoy them.  No pics at all from there though.

By that time, the wine...had settled in.. :)

Wine tasting with Adam, who teaches us about the various wines of HSW

Tavlin Spice Store in the Eshtaol Forest

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