Monday, September 6, 2010

Who's On First ?????

Now this is a perfect example of what i was writing about in my previous post "It isn't legal is it?"...

Return to Standard Time Causes Uproar
by Maayana Miskin

While Israel switches to Daylight Savings Time at the same time as much of the Western world, the return to Standard Time in winter is timed to occur before the holiday of Yom Kippur, no matter when the holiday falls on the secular calendar. This year, the holidays are earlier than usual, meaning Israelis are planning to “fall back” to Standard Time in early September – several weeks before most of the world.

......By Sunday evening, nearly 115,000 people had signed an online petition created by high-tech professional Shimon Eckhaus calling to simply ignore the switch back to Standard Time. “Schools, businesses, public institutions, families, everyone – please just keep acting as if the clock didn't move,” the petition read.


Really, if this isn't hilarious, well, i don't know what is then....

Let's see, in addition to being asked if I keep kosher, or am shomer shabas, i will be asked if i observe standard time or daylight time. 115,000 people said they would just ignore the law of falling back to standard time...leaving part of the country on one time schedule and others on another...except these aren't time zones, and you don't know who's on what!!..

Ammm, that doctor's appointment I made for late September - will my doctor's office be on my time or their time? I'm in a coffee shop and I look up at the it my time or their time? Will Bezek lower the evening calling rates on my time schedule or theirs? Will the autobus stop running now? or an hour from now?

Look, you wanna live in a country where everyone like a bunch of lemmings, just follows the same clocks within each time zone? Come on... boorrring.....:)


  1. right... we shouldn't be boring, we should entertain ourselves by being stupid.

    DST is there for a reason, it saves energy, it saves lives, it prevents traffic injuries and lowers crime rates, those are proven facts.

    In most countries it's about 230 days a year, only in Israel it is 170 days.

    As for the reason, the reason is pretty stupid too, it's for the religious ultra-orthodox minority in Israel, same people that won't accept conservative or reform Judaism as valid, same people who separate men and women on buses and will attack a woman crossing their neighborhood wearing a sleeveless shirt, so are you ready for the reason? here it is:

    "Switching to Standard Time makes the Yom Kippur fast easier"

    Is this a joke? nope, this is the reason a whole country is going to back one hour 2 months earlier then all the rest, that time cuts short quality time spent by parents and their children, increases the chances for road accidents due to longer time spent driving in the dark and costs the Israeli economy hundreds of millions of shekels.

    Hilarious? it's sad, really sad.

  2. hey shmulik. shana tova!!

    yes, i know that's the reason and the article i referenced discussed it pretty well..even throwing in the arguments pro and con within the community you mentioned. :) i think most people who are observant to the letter still will fast the 25 hours...altho ending it earlier is probably easier than starting it later. But...of course why change the clocks of the country for is rather stupid i agree. but that wasn't what i found funny.

    What i found funny was the whole taking matters into our own hands, "breaking the law" if you wish...and ending up with such an Abbot and Costello balygan.

    I don't mind stupidity as we all can wear that hat from time to time...some more than others..but truthfully.... i really don't like being bored.

    ..and how can one ever be bored in a country like ours? You never know what we are going to do. I kind of enjoy the funny side of life...makes for good stories.

    To be honest, I hate switching back and forth period at all, i'd rather just leave it alone in the first place.

    Speaking of funny, in Minnesota and Iowa (farm country) where i grew up, we were told daylight savings was all because of the cows...

    oh well...

    Chag Sameach !!