Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Relecting on the Election

Nir Barkat has won the mayoral seat in Jerusalem - for which I am thankful....I hope!! One never knows with politicians how things will actually shake out in reality...but he seemed to me to be the best candidate.

There were a few irregularities, but all in all it seemed to be a quiet but interesting race. The turnout was lower than expected (37% in Jerusalem) but what caught my attention was that there seemed to be a LOT of involvement and interest from the younger crowd - people in their 20's and 30's - for all parties and candidates. THIS is really good news I feel, and am encouraged that there is interest and excitement amongst the younger group - where sometimes there is apathy and disinterest.

One of the parties which ran for city council (and who garnered 2 mandates or seats) is a party called Hitorerut B'yerushalayim in Hebrew, or Wakeup Jerusalem-Yerushalayim. (known simply as Hitorerut (Wake up!) ) It is a combination of both secular and religious young people, which also is an encouraging sign - that religious and secular groups are working together for the good of the City. I will be intereviewing some of the leaders of this movement to tell you more about it. Watch for some forthcoming pieces on them.

As things settle down now in City Hall, our thoughts turn to the pending national elections....heavier on our hearts because of the vital and strategic importance of it and the leadership that will emerge. But I have to say, at least elections are finally forthcoming and this corrupt government that is now in place will hopefully be put aside. We live in an hour of great peril but also one of great possibility.

Which will we choose???

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